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The Writer’s Guide: How to improve your writing skills


Writing: The medium of human communication that represents languages and emotions with signs and symbols. With the changes the world undergoes day in and out, there’s every need for you to develop certain skill to compete in the system.

Although there are quite a lot of them, writing ranks among the most significant. As the quest for writers increases, the number of writers doubles. But what keeps you in the game is the quality of writing you’ve possessed. And not how much you write, as so many people think.

I remember crying home to my father after my teacher scored me very low for a three-paged letter. After laughing his ribs out, my father said,”Sometimes, it is not how much you write, but how well you write”. Those words were more like proverbs in the ears of an eight-year old boy that I was, at that time. What distinguishes professional writers from beginners is the style and quality of writing.

From business proposals, articles or blog posts to letters of application for contracts or employment, reference letters and many more. You would realize that you write almost every time of your life. The likelihood of getting considered after application depends, not only on your qualifications, but also the quality of writing- especially in the cases of employment letters and articles.

There was this textbook we used for our studies in English. Countless examples were made to differentiate between a poorly written letter and an excellently written one. I remember we used to laugh at the mistakes made in the poorly written ones. But as I grew and increased in understanding, it dawned on me that those examples were actually the reality of life.

Having read from the previous paragraphs, you would have realized the need to improve, or develop, your writing skills. In this article, you’ll discover just three ways to develop your writing skills. Webinars or tutorials would do little to help you develop the ‘golden eye’ skill, so you’ve got to do it on your own.

Why should I develop my writing skill?

There’s every tendency for you to refuse a thing until you understand the need for it. There are over a thousand and one reasons for you to improve your writing skills. So, in case you don’t know, excellent writing skills;

  • Displays professionalism and proves credibility. Journalism, public relations, medicine and even authoring are professions that requires superb writing skills to prove your worth. We have best selling authors today because they’ve dedicated time to develop their skills in writing and use of vocabulary. If you want to be regarded as a professional in whatever field that needs writing, buckle your laces for development in writing.
  • Increases chances of consideration. We all want to get selected for a debate. And at the same time, everyone can’t get selected. Excellent writing skills boosts the chances of you being considered for a debate or essay competition. And can also earn your article a front pager in a magazine and many more.
  • You could be earning money. The quest for the services of writers keeps increasing daily. A lot of companies and blog owners pay writers to draft, publish and review articles. And with a writing skill anybody would be envious of, you could give them a standard salary request.

How do I develop my writing skills?

There are a lot of ways one could develop writing skills but I’ll be sharing three strategies with you. Read, Listen and Practise.

  1. Reading: To be a good writer, you must adopt the reading culture. Adept readers become familiar with various sentence structures. This is because they’ve read different books from various authors with unique writing skills. And it gives them the ability to play with different structures and use them in congruence with the mood of the piece they are writing. Creativity and good vocab usage are some of the benefits that comes with reading. You’ve seen so much content that creating yours, with little or no help, becomes easy. One last quality readers are blessed with is the ability to understand the thoughts of the writer. Studies have shown that frequent readers are able to understand the thoughts of a writer, with ease. And this helps you to become a better writer.
  2. Listening: This receptive channel does a lot more than you think. Working on your listening ability can contribute to stronger writing. Listening to talks from professionals helps you to tweak words easily to avoid repetition of the same words.
  3. Practise: Practise aids development. Look out for organizations that need writers. Write an article, or two, for them-without pay. If your article is rejected, highlight the mistakes. Develop on those flaws and in no time, you’ll become a revered writer.



The Mindset Therapy: Developing a Positive Perception

Mindset therapy

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, mindset is a set of attitudes or fixed ideas that somebody has and that are often difficult to change. The term mindset is not arcane and should not bother you at all. The concept of mindset (mind programming) can be likened to computer programming, which involves analyzing a set of instruction that instructs the computer on what to do at various instances. The gusto towards achieving a definite aim solely depends on the mindset.

In Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dadhe compared the mindset of his fathers, the rich one and the poor one. One believed that money is the root of all evil and the other believed that lack of money is the root of all evil. Both men lived well. But one died in poverty and the other left possessions behind. 

Definite aims or set goals of an individual cannot come to light without that individual, first, undergoing a positive sex transmutation. Transgender? No! Sex (or the emotion of sex) explains the state of mind of an individual at a particular instance. And transmutation is changing something to another. We can say that sex transmutation is undergoing a change of mindset. If you say to yourself, ‘‘I am a good medical doctor’’, your actions will be directed towards that path. Same thing happens when you say, ‘‘I want to be a good doctor’’.

I’ll explain; saying you are a good medical doctor creates a sense of responsibility and professionalism in you AND you saying you ‘want’ to become a good doctor leaves you behaving like one who’s just realized what he wants after awaking from a deep sleeping. There’s every possibility that one who says the latter might not become that ‘good medical doctor’. Your mindset makes or mars your intending personality.

The “three-change” strategy


The first step towards developing the right mindset is to examine your views on different life issues. Admitting that a particular thing you indulge in is bad for you is one pace forward in parting with such. To change your mindset towards, say life, you’ve got to scrutinize your beliefs and take (or stand) on various issues.

Two important questions you should ask yourself are, WHERE HAVE I GOTTEN TO STICKING WITH THESE BELIEFS? ARE MY CURRENT BELIEFS GEARING ME TO TOWARDS ACHIEVING MY DEFINITE AIM OR ARE THEY LIMITING ME? Ignorance is not an excuse for failure. There are limiting beliefs, and they work in your subconscious mind. What is my definite aim? What is hindering me from achieving that definite aim? These questions, amongst others, are subtle ways to unmask the limiting beliefs you’ve stuck with, from time immemorial.

Do not say, “I want to become”. Statements made in the affirmative (pertaining to successful living), in no small measure, affect the innovative eye and gears the human nature towards achievement. Sit down and take a deep breath. Examine your beliefs and make moves to change them. And watch how you grow to become a better person.


Take a check-and-balance- action on every single member of/in your clique. Funny enough, I actually moved with a whole lot of ‘scumbags’ in my freshman year.

Their talks, modes of dressing, choice of restaurants and ideas were way diminutive and so belittling. It wasn’t late before I decamped from their association. And I began a journey with smart minds and intellectuals. You might start thinking, ‘‘He wants me to ditch my friends with whom I grew’’.

If Plan A isn’t working, I don’t think there’s any law stopping you from trying Plan B. ‘‘A negative social circle will act as an echo chamber for bad ideas. A positive social circle will also act as an echo chamber for ideas that will support your dreams and vision’’- Eddy Baller.

Mingle with persons that are in the same school of thought as you (remember that from the first step, you’ve changed your beliefs). Engage in activities that motivates one towards personal re-orientation and growth. As your mindset begins to steer towards a positive channel, it will become easier to associate with positive minded people that will help in achieving your definite aim.


You will need to protect your mindset from the ‘you-go-down-with-me’ set of people. Stay far away from negative talkers, thinkers and bad information. Accepting positive contents, ideologies, thoughts and beliefs will help to alter your mindset. This is just like trying to adopt a new skill, learn a new song or even adapt to a new environment. If you remain dedicated and unshaken in your decision to learn it, adopt it and live in it, you will realize that, within the shortest period of time, you’ve become a master of your own. Consume, only, information, contents, articles, media that talks, or let’s use emphasizes, on the good in life.

Other ways to protect your mindset

Apart from those listed above, there are other ways you could protect your mindset. And creating hobbies is one interesting way to do that. A few I would share with you are:

  1. Reading: Yes! You, probably would be saying, ‘I read a lot’. If you must protect your mindset, you need to define your purpose for reading. Are you reading for pleasure? Or just to kill time? Oh! I forgot, you need to pass a test or an examination? All these are just-there reasons for reading. You should read for more justifiable reasons.
  2. Sightseeing: This has helped 88.9% of the times it’s been used. Appreciating nature and life has proven to boost mental and emotional health. Take a tour round town, visit parks, wildlife, game reserves and relief yourself of that diminutive mindset you’ve been stuck with.
  3. Think,think and think: Positive thinking helps a lot. Think positively and live positively.

The state of the mind is a determinant of success. Take a step to change!

Important Lessons From The Life of Ben Carson

Life of ben carson

To become successful, one must have some guidelines to follow. In this article, you’ll get to read some important lessons from the life of Ben Carson. Undoubtedly, if one must succeed, you’ll have to pay the price of discipline. When you  take a survey at the lives of successful people today, you’ll come to realize there’s no one amongst them without a principle, or even principles, that governs their way of living, in general.

In most of his books, he pointed out to the fact that the desire for success is not enough to succeed. You’ll need a driving force, a set of principles and rules that will guide you. These tips for success, and many many others, were either principles he created by himself or the ones he adopted. The next heading introduces us to the tips of success, in no particular order, we’ve gathered from his wonderful success story.


Respect Your Parents 

Pretty sure you must be startled seeing this as first point but it is the “unpopular” truth. You’ve got to respect and honor your parents. Even the bible attests to the fact that dishonor to parents will result in gross failure, ridicule and reproach. This very important and overlooked truth was what Ben Carson understood and obeyed. You would notice in his books, taking Gifted Hands as a case study, he gave a complete story of how living with his mother was. At first, he might prove heady and not want to agree but then, I guess, an alarm rings in his head reminding him of the dire consequences of dishonoring parents and he eventually succumbs. Once this ‘overlooked’ theory is active, achieving success is inevitable.

Associate with the Right People 

Like they say “Bad communication corrupts good manners”. This proverb, always said but seldom followed, is very important for a successful living. People have complained that I’m very choosy when it comes to making friends but the established truth is that the potency of this factor must not be overemphasized or belittled in the quest for success. People like Mr. Jaeck, Frank McCotter, Mrs. Miller, Lemuel Doakes (names from Gifted Hands) amongst others, who contributed to the success story of Dr. Ben Carson are still in existence today.

There’s a system I adopted while in school, The Power Five. This is a group that consists of five high thinking persons, including you. The members of this group should not necessarily be your close friends. You can form a team of five with high personalities but they must know you in person. Choose your friends wisely and associate with individuals that will positively affect your career and watch how your mental and career development will accelerate.

Never Believe You Can’t 

Think Big, Think Positive. Guess we all remember the catch phrase of America’s former President; ‘I can, We can‘. Never for once believe that achieving a definite aim is impossible. There was a time in Carson’s life, the second half of his tenth grade, when he joined the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps). . He had reached the highest rank attainable by a student, a full colonel. He was so mature, self-assured and incredible. After accessing Sharper carefully, he decided that he too was going to reach the rank of a full colonel but there was a problem. He joined the ROTC late and was going to be there for only five semesters instead of six but he said, Instead of discouraging me, that problem challenged me and made me want to do what no one has done.

Nothing can stop a man of determination except himself. So, with the knowledge residing in him, he achieved what he purposed in his heart to. There’s no doubt that there won’t be problems on the road to success but it is one thing to know the problem and it is another thing to see the problem as a necessary you must fly over.

Become A Versatile Reader 

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t waste time investing in one aspect of life. Indeed, this is a very vital and necessary tool for self development. Ben Carson, while he was younger, was an inquisitive person and an adept reader. After falling in love with an educational T.V program, General Electric College Bowl, he decided that he was going to read everything he saw. From sciences to arts, classical music and even business with the aim that he would become a contestant on the program, although he never did. Surprisingly, his deep knowledge of classical music paid off when he wanted to apply as an intern at John Hopkins Hospital.

Staying fixed to an aspect could be very dangerous because it restricts the mental capability and capacity of an individual. Being 100% informed in one aspect of life is very insignificant when compared to being at most 60% informed in every other aspect including your major. So, from this moment onwards, I would advise that you to come out of your comfort zone and try studying materials related to other aspects of life in order to widen your knowledge horizon.

Be Unique, Make A Difference

There was a time Dr. Ben Carson, while a student at Yale University, needed a summer job badly to cater for his expenses at school. During this period, young people were moving towards the north in search of a job. But Carson decided to stay back and he eventually got a job.

Apart from this event, an incident that happened in his life interests me particularly. The professor of psychology sent a notice that there would be a repeat of a course. The day came and he was to take the examination alongside 150+ students at a designated auditorium. Immediately the professor left the auditorium, the students started lamenting at the question’s level of difficulty. Some of the students left finalizing that they would say they never saw the notice. After about an hour and half, Ben Carson discovered that he was the only student remaining in the large auditorium. The professor entered and said, “We wanted to know the most honest student in the class”. “And that’s you”. His decision to wait behind earned him a ten-dollar bill. Imagine if he had followed the other students and left the auditorium? You, of course, know how the story would end.

Don’t do it because everyone is, don’t go there because everyone is, don’t try it because everyone. Be resolute in your decision to make a difference. Stay where you are till there’s an intuitive direction telling you to either move or wait.

Be Grateful For Who You Are

Being black attracted hatred from his classmates, while he was growing up. He told the story of how white students were confronted for allowing him win an award as the best student. intern at John Hopkins Hospital, he was often referred to as an orderly because he’s BLACK. Despite all of these, he could only see himself becoming the best. Don’t back out of that dream or vision because you are poor, short, too tall, or black. Instead, convert that so-called “barrier” to a ladder and even if you fall, you will rise again stronger, wiser and better. Remember, “You can do it, only that you can do it better”. Go out there and maximize those potentials in you and watch yourself rise to the peak of success.

These important lessons from the life of Ben Carson could help pattern your life and give it a meaning. You could add some other principles to it, but in all make sure you don’t forget the importance of discipline.



New Year’s Resolution: How to write a realistic new year’s resolution

New Year resolution

It’s a new year already. And I’m pretty sure you must have written an endless list for the year. Making new year’s resolution, are undoubtedly, very important for a person that wants a successful year’s run. New year’s resolution guides towards the fulfillment of desired goal(s). In this article, I’ll be revealing how you can make a perfect manuscript for a blissful year with the new year’s resolution list.

So many people hurry to make new year’s resolution. And after a few months, the enthusiasm that came with writing the list, dies. A proven cause for this is because such lists are unrealistic.

When I was still a little boy, the first item on my resolution list, each year, was to get myself a car. Such immaturity was understandable, then, because I was still a child and my level of understanding was poor and questionable. But when I came to the realization that the new year’s resolutions must be something realistic, I made efforts to correct that.

The bitter truth is that so many people still live in that ‘mansion of delusion’. A lot of them believe that the list could contain anything, once it is positive. There’s a difference between new year’s resolution and your goals for the year.

What does new year’s resolution mean?

The process of making new year’s resolution is probably the first activity of every year. It is a common tradition in which a person promises to put away a bad habit-Wikipedia. But people mistake the new year’s resolution for their desired goal, whereas, it’s only a ‘compass’ that ensures the attainment of a definite aim.

The most important, of all purposes, of the new year’s resolution is to help fight against the raunchy habits affecting the actualization of the goal.

As a motivator, I’ve realized that it takes only discipline to improve one’s way of life and achieve a desired goal. This is one of the purpose of making a new year’s resolution.

Why is the New Year’s Resolution so important?

Studies have shown that understanding the importance of a thing can go a long way in ensuring optimal performance. Below are some of the importance of a new year’s resolution;

  1. Improves the way of life:- Taking a step to put away a bad habit can go a long way in the positive transformation of a life.
  2. Breeds the growth of positive values:- Values like discipline, self-esteem, determination, etc. are some of the benefits of making a new year’s resolution.
  3. Boosts the actualization of desired goals:- Wanted goals are much more likely to be attained in real time. The desire to do something pushes you towards getting it done. This is one importance of making new year’s resolution.
  4. It allows room for reflection on the past year:- Creating new year’s resolution(s) allows a flashback on the past year, giving you the opportunity to spot your flaws and correct them.

How to write and achieve a reasonable new year’s resolution

Since we’ve succeeded in correcting the previously existing notion, let’s discuss how to write a reasonable new year’s resolution. We’ve established the fact that the new year’s resolution is a proposal to self, to drop certain negative habits. These habits that must be dropped are seen as hindrances to achieving a definite aim.

  • The first step is to reflect on and examine the previous year. What were the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of that year? Were you able to achieve them, or some of them? If no, what factors hindered the accomplishment of those goals? Forget the mistakes you made. Pick up the lessons and brave up for the new year.
  • Outline your goals for the year. This should include the leftover from the previous year and the new ones. Remember that when you set these goals for yourself, they should be reasonable and realistic. Don’t waste time writing things you know won’t be attainable until a later date.
  • Understand the bad vices you have and write your resolution. Your new year’s resolution should be to do away with habits that affect achieving your goal. For example, having come of age, you might decide that it’s time you got yourself  a car. But you just realized how extravagant and reckless you are in spending. So, your new year’s resolution would be to reduce the way you spend. And one fantastic way to do that is to embrace the saving culture. With discipline and diligence, you should be able to get one by the year’s half. For the students, you might not be a straight A student like your mates in college. But you really want to make a difference this year. Your new year’s resolution would be to intensify your studying and not to become a straight A student(this should be your goal). That’s the difference between a resolution and a goal.
  • Setting a target date would go a long way. Confidently, you should be able to write down a due date. As a student, you must have covered a certain amount of topics within a specified period. This helps to turn on a buzzer in your head, reminding you of what you’ve got to do. Create a schedule for yourself. If you must achieve all you want to, planning is an essential tool you mustn’t neglect. Don’t waste the day doing nothing.
  • Have a supervisor. Put your life in the hands of someone. Now, this doesn’t mean committing your being to that person. It only points to the fact that you’ll need someone to monitor you as you go on this ‘mission’. It could be either of your parents, an uncle or aunt, a teacher in school or an elder in the church. Show them what you’ve written down and ask for their supervision. The amazing thing about this point is that at first, you might feel you’re being bugged by someone. But as time swims, you’ll see yourself doing the needful to avoid a ‘bugger’ pestering you. I remember almost cursing myself and the teacher I ‘handed my life to’. Soon after, I realized that it was all for the better.
  • Relate with like minds. Mingle with the right set of people. Mingle with the right set of people. Don’t move around with those living in the ‘mansion of delusion’, like I was. Associate with people that do things for a genuine cause, and not just to fulfill righteousness.

In conclusion, the new year’s resolution is, unavoidably, an imperative part of the human existence. So, grab a pen. Write your new year’s list. And when you do, write in congruence with what you’ve read. Have a swell year ahead!