New Year’s Resolution: How to write a realistic new year’s resolution


It’s a new year already. And I’m pretty sure you must have written an endless list for the year. Making new year’s resolution, are undoubtedly, very important for a person that wants a successful year’s run. New year’s resolution guides towards the fulfillment of desired goal(s). In this article, I’ll be revealing how you can make a perfect manuscript for a blissful year with the new year’s resolution list.

So many people hurry to make new year’s resolution. And after a few months, the enthusiasm that came with writing the list, dies. A proven cause for this is because such lists are unrealistic.

When I was still a little boy, the first item on my resolution list, each year, was to get myself a car. Such immaturity was understandable, then, because I was still a child and my level of understanding was poor and questionable. But when I came to the realization that the new year’s resolutions must be something realistic, I made efforts to correct that.

The bitter truth is that so many people still live in that ‘mansion of delusion’. A lot of them believe that the list could contain anything, once it is positive. There’s a difference between new year’s resolution and your goals for the year.

What does new year’s resolution mean?

The process of making new year’s resolution is probably the first activity of every year. It is a common tradition in which a person promises to put away a bad habit-Wikipedia. But people mistake the new year’s resolution for their desired goal, whereas, it’s only a ‘compass’ that ensures the attainment of a definite aim.

The most important, of all purposes, of the new year’s resolution is to help fight against the raunchy habits affecting the actualization of the goal.

As a motivator, I’ve realized that it takes only discipline to improve one’s way of life and achieve a desired goal. This is one of the purpose of making a new year’s resolution.

Why is the New Year’s Resolution so important?

Studies have shown that understanding the importance of a thing can go a long way in ensuring optimal performance. Below are some of the importance of a new year’s resolution;

  1. Improves the way of life:- Taking a step to put away a bad habit can go a long way in the positive transformation of a life.
  2. Breeds the growth of positive values:- Values like discipline, self-esteem, determination, etc. are some of the benefits of making a new year’s resolution.
  3. Boosts the actualization of desired goals:- Wanted goals are much more likely to be attained in real time. The desire to do something pushes you towards getting it done. This is one importance of making new year’s resolution.
  4. It allows room for reflection on the past year:- Creating new year’s resolution(s) allows a flashback on the past year, giving you the opportunity to spot your flaws and correct them.

How to write and achieve a reasonable new year’s resolution

Since we’ve succeeded in correcting the previously existing notion, let’s discuss how to write a reasonable new year’s resolution. We’ve established the fact that the new year’s resolution is a proposal to self, to drop certain negative habits. These habits that must be dropped are seen as hindrances to achieving a definite aim.

  • The first step is to reflect on and examine the previous year. What were the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of that year? Were you able to achieve them, or some of them? If no, what factors hindered the accomplishment of those goals? Forget the mistakes you made. Pick up the lessons and brave up for the new year.
  • Outline your goals for the year. This should include the leftover from the previous year and the new ones. Remember that when you set these goals for yourself, they should be reasonable and realistic. Don’t waste time writing things you know won’t be attainable until a later date.
  • Understand the bad vices you have and write your resolution. Your new year’s resolution should be to do away with habits that affect achieving your goal. For example, having come of age, you might decide that it’s time you got yourself  a car. But you just realized how extravagant and reckless you are in spending. So, your new year’s resolution would be to reduce the way you spend. And one fantastic way to do that is to embrace the saving culture. With discipline and diligence, you should be able to get one by the year’s half. For the students, you might not be a straight A student like your mates in college. But you really want to make a difference this year. Your new year’s resolution would be to intensify your studying and not to become a straight A student(this should be your goal). That’s the difference between a resolution and a goal.
  • Setting a target date would go a long way. Confidently, you should be able to write down a due date. As a student, you must have covered a certain amount of topics within a specified period. This helps to turn on a buzzer in your head, reminding you of what you’ve got to do. Create a schedule for yourself. If you must achieve all you want to, planning is an essential tool you mustn’t neglect. Don’t waste the day doing nothing.
  • Have a supervisor. Put your life in the hands of someone. Now, this doesn’t mean committing your being to that person. It only points to the fact that you’ll need someone to monitor you as you go on this ‘mission’. It could be either of your parents, an uncle or aunt, a teacher in school or an elder in the church. Show them what you’ve written down and ask for their supervision. The amazing thing about this point is that at first, you might feel you’re being bugged by someone. But as time swims, you’ll see yourself doing the needful to avoid a ‘bugger’ pestering you. I remember almost cursing myself and the teacher I ‘handed my life to’. Soon after, I realized that it was all for the better.
  • Relate with like minds. Mingle with the right set of people. Mingle with the right set of people. Don’t move around with those living in the ‘mansion of delusion’, like I was. Associate with people that do things for a genuine cause, and not just to fulfill righteousness.

In conclusion, the new year’s resolution is, unavoidably, an imperative part of the human existence. So, grab a pen. Write your new year’s list. And when you do, write in congruence with what you’ve read. Have a swell year ahead!



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