The Mindset Therapy: Developing a Positive Perception


According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, mindset is a set of attitudes or fixed ideas that somebody has and that are often difficult to change. The term mindset is not arcane and should not bother you at all. The concept of mindset (mind programming) can be likened to computer programming, which involves analyzing a set of instruction that instructs the computer on what to do at various instances. The gusto towards achieving a definite aim solely depends on the mindset.

In Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dadhe compared the mindset of his fathers, the rich one and the poor one. One believed that money is the root of all evil and the other believed that lack of money is the root of all evil. Both men lived well. But one died in poverty and the other left possessions behind. 

Definite aims or set goals of an individual cannot come to light without that individual, first, undergoing a positive sex transmutation. Transgender? No! Sex (or the emotion of sex) explains the state of mind of an individual at a particular instance. And transmutation is changing something to another. We can say that sex transmutation is undergoing a change of mindset. If you say to yourself, ‘‘I am a good medical doctor’’, your actions will be directed towards that path. Same thing happens when you say, ‘‘I want to be a good doctor’’.

I’ll explain; saying you are a good medical doctor creates a sense of responsibility and professionalism in you AND you saying you ‘want’ to become a good doctor leaves you behaving like one who’s just realized what he wants after awaking from a deep sleeping. There’s every possibility that one who says the latter might not become that ‘good medical doctor’. Your mindset makes or mars your intending personality.

The “three-change” strategy


The first step towards developing the right mindset is to examine your views on different life issues. Admitting that a particular thing you indulge in is bad for you is one pace forward in parting with such. To change your mindset towards, say life, you’ve got to scrutinize your beliefs and take (or stand) on various issues.

Two important questions you should ask yourself are, WHERE HAVE I GOTTEN TO STICKING WITH THESE BELIEFS? ARE MY CURRENT BELIEFS GEARING ME TO TOWARDS ACHIEVING MY DEFINITE AIM OR ARE THEY LIMITING ME? Ignorance is not an excuse for failure. There are limiting beliefs, and they work in your subconscious mind. What is my definite aim? What is hindering me from achieving that definite aim? These questions, amongst others, are subtle ways to unmask the limiting beliefs you’ve stuck with, from time immemorial.

Do not say, “I want to become”. Statements made in the affirmative (pertaining to successful living), in no small measure, affect the innovative eye and gears the human nature towards achievement. Sit down and take a deep breath. Examine your beliefs and make moves to change them. And watch how you grow to become a better person.


Take a check-and-balance- action on every single member of/in your clique. Funny enough, I actually moved with a whole lot of ‘scumbags’ in my freshman year.

Their talks, modes of dressing, choice of restaurants and ideas were way diminutive and so belittling. It wasn’t late before I decamped from their association. And I began a journey with smart minds and intellectuals. You might start thinking, ‘‘He wants me to ditch my friends with whom I grew’’.

If Plan A isn’t working, I don’t think there’s any law stopping you from trying Plan B. ‘‘A negative social circle will act as an echo chamber for bad ideas. A positive social circle will also act as an echo chamber for ideas that will support your dreams and vision’’- Eddy Baller.

Mingle with persons that are in the same school of thought as you (remember that from the first step, you’ve changed your beliefs). Engage in activities that motivates one towards personal re-orientation and growth. As your mindset begins to steer towards a positive channel, it will become easier to associate with positive minded people that will help in achieving your definite aim.


You will need to protect your mindset from the ‘you-go-down-with-me’ set of people. Stay far away from negative talkers, thinkers and bad information. Accepting positive contents, ideologies, thoughts and beliefs will help to alter your mindset. This is just like trying to adopt a new skill, learn a new song or even adapt to a new environment. If you remain dedicated and unshaken in your decision to learn it, adopt it and live in it, you will realize that, within the shortest period of time, you’ve become a master of your own. Consume, only, information, contents, articles, media that talks, or let’s use emphasizes, on the good in life.

Other ways to protect your mindset

Apart from those listed above, there are other ways you could protect your mindset. And creating hobbies is one interesting way to do that. A few I would share with you are:

  1. Reading: Yes! You, probably would be saying, ‘I read a lot’. If you must protect your mindset, you need to define your purpose for reading. Are you reading for pleasure? Or just to kill time? Oh! I forgot, you need to pass a test or an examination? All these are just-there reasons for reading. You should read for more justifiable reasons.
  2. Sightseeing: This has helped 88.9% of the times it’s been used. Appreciating nature and life has proven to boost mental and emotional health. Take a tour round town, visit parks, wildlife, game reserves and relief yourself of that diminutive mindset you’ve been stuck with.
  3. Think,think and think: Positive thinking helps a lot. Think positively and live positively.

The state of the mind is a determinant of success. Take a step to change!


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