The Writer’s Guide: How to improve your writing skills


Writing: The medium of human communication that represents languages and emotions with signs and symbols. With the changes the world undergoes day in and out, there’s every need for you to develop certain skill to compete in the system.

Although there are quite a lot of them, writing ranks among the most significant. As the quest for writers increases, the number of writers doubles. But what keeps you in the game is the quality of writing you’ve possessed. And not how much you write, as so many people think.

I remember crying home to my father after my teacher scored me very low for a three-paged letter. After laughing his ribs out, my father said,”Sometimes, it is not how much you write, but how well you write”. Those words were more like proverbs in the ears of an eight-year old boy that I was, at that time. What distinguishes professional writers from beginners is the style and quality of writing.

From business proposals, articles or blog posts to letters of application for contracts or employment, reference letters and many more. You would realize that you write almost every time of your life. The likelihood of getting considered after application depends, not only on your qualifications, but also the quality of writing- especially in the cases of employment letters and articles.

There was this textbook we used for our studies in English. Countless examples were made to differentiate between a poorly written letter and an excellently written one. I remember we used to laugh at the mistakes made in the poorly written ones. But as I grew and increased in understanding, it dawned on me that those examples were actually the reality of life.

Having read from the previous paragraphs, you would have realized the need to improve, or develop, your writing skills. In this article, you’ll discover just three ways to develop your writing skills. Webinars or tutorials would do little to help you develop the ‘golden eye’ skill, so you’ve got to do it on your own.

Why should I develop my writing skill?

There’s every tendency for you to refuse a thing until you understand the need for it. There are over a thousand and one reasons for you to improve your writing skills. So, in case you don’t know, excellent writing skills;

  • Displays professionalism and proves credibility. Journalism, public relations, medicine and even authoring are professions that requires superb writing skills to prove your worth. We have best selling authors today because they’ve dedicated time to develop their skills in writing and use of vocabulary. If you want to be regarded as a professional in whatever field that needs writing, buckle your laces for development in writing.
  • Increases chances of consideration. We all want to get selected for a debate. And at the same time, everyone can’t get selected. Excellent writing skills boosts the chances of you being considered for a debate or essay competition. And can also earn your article a front pager in a magazine and many more.
  • You could be earning money. The quest for the services of writers keeps increasing daily. A lot of companies and blog owners pay writers to draft, publish and review articles. And with a writing skill anybody would be envious of, you could give them a standard salary request.

How do I develop my writing skills?

There are a lot of ways one could develop writing skills but I’ll be sharing three strategies with you. Read, Listen and Practise.

  1. Reading: To be a good writer, you must adopt the reading culture. Adept readers become familiar with various sentence structures. This is because they’ve read different books from various authors with unique writing skills. And it gives them the ability to play with different structures and use them in congruence with the mood of the piece they are writing. Creativity and good vocab usage are some of the benefits that comes with reading. You’ve seen so much content that creating yours, with little or no help, becomes easy. One last quality readers are blessed with is the ability to understand the thoughts of the writer. Studies have shown that frequent readers are able to understand the thoughts of a writer, with ease. And this helps you to become a better writer.
  2. Listening: This receptive channel does a lot more than you think. Working on your listening ability can contribute to stronger writing. Listening to talks from professionals helps you to tweak words easily to avoid repetition of the same words.
  3. Practise: Practise aids development. Look out for organizations that need writers. Write an article, or two, for them-without pay. If your article is rejected, highlight the mistakes. Develop on those flaws and in no time, you’ll become a revered writer.




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